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Discord Bots, OS Applications, Scripts or APIs. Use Codeboot to get connected to qualified, skilled and professional developers to bring your idea to life.
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Select the product that you'd like below, and you will receive a quote in 0 to 12 hours. Once your project is assigned, a developer with the proper skills will stay in touch with you to ensure you receive the product you want.
Discord Bot
Get a custom made Discord Bot which can do anything from controlling security systems to making phone calls. Those are just some of the best applications we've made to date.
Script or API
Need a script to scrape the web? Order pizza? Become your only friend? Well we can help you with that! Except for that last one, I think it's time you get outside a little bit...
Application or Website
Websites are cool, and with frameworks such as Electron they make fancy applications too! There's no time to wait, you can finally have that fancy OS X, Windows, or Linux application!
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Discord Bot
You have chosen to order a Discord Bot, you guys are going to get along very well!
Script or API
You have chosen to order a script or API, believe me... this is going to make your life a LOT easier.
Application or Website
You have chosen an application or website, these ones are always the coolest. Get ready!
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